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Aubrey vs Drake

Hello everyone! Thanks for the warm reception that the new project is generating. Mezcal drops May 1. One track that is generating some buzz is Aubrey vs. Drake. Yes, it's named after global superstar Drizzy so it would get some attention but there's more to the story than just the catchy name. I (Judith A. Culp) asked X some questions and he (of course) had a lot to offer.

Me: It is obvious that we (and Manifest) are big Drake fans. I know why I like his music, but what about you guys? Especially, you. You're a super fan.

X: (laughing) A super fan? I'm a big fan of his, no doubt. I'm not in super fan status, though. But you cannot deny his impact on music for the last decade or more. I know in terms of business, he's high on your list also.

Me: I don't deny that. I'm a big fan of his music and his TV productions. I'm obsessed with Top Boy. Okay, so this track was your baby - tell us about it.

X: You have taught us to think in big picture ways - putting together concepts not just stringing sounds together. So I started playing around with voices and beats and it sort of came to me: what was it like whenever Drake's secret kid was revealed to his girlfriend? That conversation had to be awkward. Like, when these rap feuds and shit go down, people are not really considering the other people in the target's life. I'm guessing he was dating someone and she was probably like 'why is dude rapping about this secret baby?'

Me: You think he was keeping his son a secret from everyone? Including his family and inner circle?

X: I have no idea but people not in the spotlight aren't prepared for these types of things. Maybe you as the artist are ready for anything but the people who love you aren't. That's really what the track is about - it's about being a star sharing a very personal and private thing with the world when it was obvious you didn't really want to. And how that affected his loved ones.

Me: And at what point do you have to share that? What's yours and what belongs to the world?

X: Right. Just because you have Views on repeat does that mean I gotta share my whole life with you?

Me: (Laughing) You sent me the track and it was titled "Aubrey Told Us" - I suggested Aubrey vs. Drake. I think that is more accurate to the story you were telling because we know from his music that Aubrey is a sensitive, thoughtful person and from his Insta we know Drake loves being a rap god. Those things have to conflict.

X: Right! (laughs) Not a natural fit. Being a faithful guy and a rap star don't go hand in hand, except when they do. Your title is better and thanks for getting it. Always with the support!

Me: I love the track and I think he will, too - if he ever hears it!

X: Yeah, that would be dope. Living in the public eye is hard and he handles it well. I still say he's the next host of the Oscars.

Me: Dope. I can see it. Thx, X.

X: Thank you. Mezcal for everyone!!



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