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BlackCoffee+Drake: "Manifest" Destiny

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

We got a question regarding BlackCoffee (5AMThoughts) and we gave it to Agent Z to answer.

Me: Sorry to keep bothering you but answer me and I will stop.

Z: Well, you're the boss so. that's funny. Well as most people know by now you (judith a. culp) are the creative director of your production house and our music content team. If I am remembering it right we were playing around with melodies and you said “give me something Drake would like!” and you kinda stormed out.

Me: (laughing) Um, I’m not a dictator I didn’t storm out.

Z: Maybe not but that‘s how I remember it (laughing). You were clear that we needed to add that sound and energy to our catalog and as usual, you were right. People are starting to gravitate to that track.

Me: It has a small but devoted Spotify following. But I am convinced when you go back to the earliest parts of the Manifest catalog, this is the sound you guys were destined to make.

Z: I think it's a good attempt at the R&B soul side of Drake. And the end of the song is a nice transition. Good call. It shows that we can be hip-hop like "Heroin" or take the edge off and stay in that space with a more chill sound like "BlackCoffee". We owe that visionary, big picture thinking to you. So thanks as always, for that.

Me: You guys made a great track! As usual. Thanks for working hard and daring to be pushed a little.

Z: Well, that one was easy. Who doesn't love Drake?

Me: #Facts



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