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blood+bone October 25th

Hello everyone! I'm excited to let you guys know that The Culprit Manifest is pleased to release a single every Friday starting October 25th until the end of the year. This is a brutal pace for just mediaworks Civil|Theory but the team insisted on releasing as much music as possible to end 2019. I'm the boss (Judith A. Culp) and I thought the two projects released this year were solid and more than enough but WXY+Z begged to differ.

Me: So, you guys won - blood+bone will be out this Friday. I'm glad you're helping me promote it.

X: We never intend to not help - but we are all working and it gets difficult to mix in this kinda thing. And we appreciate your skills.

Y: Plus we don't like it.


Me: My point exactly. So, we are all committed to picking songs to release and we chose blood+bone first. It's a lo-fi ode to being obsessed with someone.

Z: It's about loving someone fully - to their bone and marrow - the the things that makes them a human being. Is that obsession?

Me: Uh...yes.


W: It's one of our most ambitious forays into chill, downtempo, lo-fi stuff so it's ironic that it is about being that deeply into someone and it doesn't have the more fiery energy of goodnight or even SafeWord.

X: Yes, but we have been moving more into downtempo for a while - lights & stasis off of quattro are great examples, I think.

Me: I think people will dig the track.

Z: Definitely.

Y: We have a small but dedicated fan base. It's awesome how much support we get.

W: And thanks for featuring us in the MadLove podcast.

X: Righteous, fam. I tune in for you but I do love hearing us on your broadcast.

Me: Well, I love what we are building and I respect you guys but also, I use music I own the copyright to, so there's that.


Z: Nothing wrong with that.

Me; Ok. Well, soon the world will have blood+bone. Thanks, guys!!!

WXY+Z: thank you!!

blood+bone is out October 25th!!!!

Thank you for listening.



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