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Calvin Harris vs. #CalvinHarris

Updated: May 23, 2019

We got a question about the song "CalvinHarris" - what does it mean?

We asked Agent X to give you the answer:

X: (Laughter) We get that one a lot. Mainly, because the only vocal on the record is a question: Where Calvin at? Basically, the first time we saw Calvin Harris we were shocked because let's face it - he named himself hoping to invoke a black dj or be racially ambiguous. So, when we first laid eyes on him, we too were looking for someone else. Thus, the question - where Calvin at? Now, we all know what he looks like unless you have been under a rock, but think back to the days when you really had no clue who he was. But this is not a knock. We love him and his music so our tune is what we call a #respect record. But yeah, that's where it all comes from.



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