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JenniferLopez vs. CalvinHarris

What's interesting about music is you never know what the audience might love. There are tracks we produce that we think will be the standout on a record but the fans choose something else. When we finished "Summer" last year, we all agreed "Gonna Make You Love Me" would be a popular song for us and it is but "W Hotel Lobby" has made the most playlists, meaning it has more listeners.

The numbers on Spotify also show that while JenniferLopez has more spins, CalvinHarris has more listeners.

For us, it's not really a competition - both songs are equally dope.

It's simply how we choose to look at the numbers to decide which is the more popular track. But out of our entire catalog, "Summer" has the most streams on Spotify and we are truly grateful for all of the support! And we humbly submit that these respect records are in honor of two great artists we all love.



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