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Manifest by the numbers: Spotify, Apple Music + Pandora

What I don't think people realize is how different each platform is for your favorite artists. Of course, the bigger the star, the changes are minimal - they have a bunch of streams everywhere. But for a group like The Culprit Manifest who are trying to establish themselves, small differences in each platform are big opportunities. And if you're working with a group or are a new artist, maybe this will help you, too!

So, what's important is to pay attention to the numbers. The three platforms we are focusing on for this post all have metrics available for artists. We weren't as diligent about following them as we could have been when we started out five years ago, but to be fair, Apple Music for Artists is fairly new and is still in beta. But for now, we have been crunching the numbers and here's what we found for The Culprit Manifest.

Most popular songs: TroubleHouse, Maxwell Said So, InstaFamous, JenniferLopez, W Hotel Lobby and RAF (RichAF)

Most popular cities: St. Louis, Dallas, Santa Ana, NYC, Chicago (stats are only for US)

Most popular songs: Maxwell Said So, Faith, Gonna Make U Love Me, JenniferLopez, SafeWord (ft 87Thieves) Late Night Mix and Method+Technique

Most popular countries: US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico

Most popular songs: FireAlarm (AtCapacity), Why You Waitin' For, CalvinHarris, goodnight, Method+Technique, W Hotel Lobby

Most popular countries: US, Canada, Japan, UK, Malaysia, China

The main conclusion is not only is our music being appreciated globally but each platform has its own unique following. Only on Pandora is TroubleHouse on multiple playlists and a standout track for workouts. Spotify has made Maxwell Said so one of its top tracks but it also has found a lot of love on Pandora. Apple Music is by far the most popular spot for FireAlarm (AtCapacity) but Method+Technique is popular there and also on Spotify. (For some reason, Pandora hasn't approved Method+Technique yet. Get on 'em!)

So, if you're an artist, make sure you know which platform is playing what part of your catalog the most and where you should be focusing your efforts. If you're a fan, FOLLOW, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to your favorite artists everywhere you listen. We need to know you're out there!!

Thank you in advance, phalanx.



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