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Mezcal coming to you May 1st!

So excited to present Mezcal to you guys. Basically, I (Judith A. Culp) invested in a mezcal company then I suggested we make a project around the growing popularity of the premium spirit. Of course, my team said "hell yeah!" This project is inspired by mezcal, social distancing and living our best lives in isolation. It's a F-U to Covid-19. Here are their notes and observations:

w: We are currently trying to work from home, keep everyone from tearing each other apart and teach school - this was exactly what I needed. A pleasant distraction and thanks for the Mezcal!

x: Normally, I get to travel between London and Toronto - so personally, I am hating being grounded. But a sweet new pair of headphones and a bottle of mezcal was all I needed to lift my spirits. We hope you enjoy this record as much as we did making it. One.

y: Finishing up a giant project at work so this was great. Thanks for the inspirado, boss!

z: As usual X got us fired up! Not sure that I did much more than wrangle Revocat and Thieves into finishing on time - which is huge, actually! (laughing) #Facts

Thanks, guys! Dreams come true and I'm so excited to share this journey with you! wxy+z

We hope you guys love this new project, dropping everywhere May 1!



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