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Q&A: Why isn't Faith called Rachel McAdams?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hello! This is Agent W and I am asking our boss, Judith A. Culp, to answer a question I get from all of my friends: Why isn't the song Faith. from grand blvd. called RachelMcAdams?

W: So, I have been getting texts from you and since we all have the luxury of working full time (I'm a graphic designer!) - I haven't had a chance to give you the answer to your original question about BlackCoffee - so I'm asking you one that I get all of the time. What's the deal with Faith.?

Me: (laughing) You can answer that question because you were one of the first people I told about the hook in the front of the song.

W: I know. But I have no power. Nobody believes me when I say we finished the song and you said this song makes you feel hopeful - it's Rachel McAdams! (laughs) Nobody knows what to do with that when I tell them.

Me: Well, I had just finished like six Rachel McAdams movies and decided she's a living treasure. Like, she's this generation's Meryl Streep. She has quietly made all of these films, worked with so many notable directors and kind of blended into each role - so much so you don't realize she's in so many movies. And well, you or X sent me the track as it was finished and I was blown away with the pop deliciousness of it. It's so upbeat and hopeful. So, I thought if we name it Faith., people might feel the hope in that - yes, it's a respect record but I didn't think calling it Rachel McAdams would have the same impact as having it named Faith.

W: More than one person has asked me if you're saying "Rachel McAdams is going to save the world." And of course I have to say, that's exactly what's she's saying and after watching some of the titles you suggested, dude, she probably can save us all! I also think it's funny that instead of she can do it, you first tried "She's Rachel Fuckin' McAdams!" (laughing)

Me: That seemed too harsh for such a light pop song that's paying homage to a great actor.

W: We all agreed. It was a little aggressive. But Rachel does play a badass in a few roles. I could see how you'd get there.

Me: Which movies did you watch?

W: Rewatched Sherlock Holmes. found State of Play on cable and rented Game Night. Enjoyed them all.

Me: See? (laughing) It's best when you don't doubt me.

W: I know that to be true. And in all seriousness, we have never used a name

on a track or invoked a celebrity for any other reason than we love their work. Usually, the melody just reminds us of them.

Me: Faith. makes me happy and so do Rachel McAdams movies. She's so talented. And she should've been nominated for an Oscar for Disobedience, just sayin'.



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