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#Quattro: New music on June 21st.

Me: I'm Judith A. Culp. I run just mediaworks Civil|Theory. The Culprit Manifest work for me as my music production team. The fourth album from the group is due out June 21st. I finally got them all to answer me! So here you go.

Me: What makes this record different than say FameMachine or Summer or Method+Technique? You guys seem to get excited by all of your projects.

X: Of course. We love doing this. But to answer your question, we have been able to significantly see growth from our first project, Method+Technique through Quattro. The production values have increased dramatically and I think each record gets more and more sophisticated. Like, that's been the coolest part for me. Yes, each record has its moments but I think Quattro is gonna shock a lot of people.

Z: Also, we have streamlined our process. Like we know how to work together better - who is responsible for what - who works best together for a particular sound and I think it makes more cohesive records. And bringing in (87)Thieves and Revocat to co-produce the whole record and not just feature produce on a couple of tracks is huge. We don't do a lot of outside collaboration...which is weird. I think we intend to but then we just say send us your best tracks (laughing). This is more of a team effort.

W: This record is probably the most linear sounding from start to finish. FameMachine was a concept record with everything from house music to hip hop on it. Even Summer had EDM to house to lo-fi - like when we commit to a theme, we don't necessarily commit to one style of music. So Quattro is a departure in that way.

Y: I think it reflects how far we've come since 2014 when we started. All of us know more of what we are trying to do.



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