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Symphonic Distro +TCM: An #indiemusic success

As far as indie music goes, there are so many platforms and partners to choose from. Personally, we have found Symphonic Distribution to be our favorite. Five years ago we started out with Tunecore. The main issue with them is they said they distributed on

Pandora but we wound up having to submit our projects directly to that platform ourselves. Plus, that $40 a year per album was steep. Then we switched to Amuse. Which seems cool but you get what you pay for. While distribution was free, unless you're about to hit stardom, they kind of nitpick you over plays and we had to ask for our payment each month. We also did a series of indie releases directly through Wix which we wound up pulling and eventually releasing through Symphonic. Almost everywhere you look someone is offering free distribution these days but what you really need is a partner. You need to have options for monetizing your music on SoundCloud and YouTube to synch licensing and neighboring rights. Do your homework and pick which place or places work best for you. We are good with Symphonic but we had a lot of disappointments before we tried them.



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