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That time Fousey played FireAlarm on YouTube

"No doubt one of the biggest things that boosted us was when Fousey used "FireAlarm (AtCapacity) it really opened up our fan base." Thank you, man! WXY+Z

The story:

The original Method+Technique record was released in 2014. The boss changed distributors to get a better deal and we re-released it in 2018. We took off a couple songs and added a couple new tracks - including a title track and a remix of Method+Technique from Revocat, one of our producers/collaborators. At some point, we were working on the FameMachine project for a 2016 release (didn't come out until 2017 but that's another post) and wanted to do promotion for it. Oddly, we all picked FireAlarm to do a promo video for FameMachine - still not sure why. Anyway, someone who was working on editing videos for Fousey let us know at some point they had included FireAlarm in one of his shows on YouTube. This was sometime in 2017 or 2018 - it was shortly before Fousey had some issues and went off of social media for awhile. The weird thing is, the plays came pouring in even though we were uncredited. We did let people know it was us but also a huge shoutout to Shazam. We can't thank Fousey and his team enough and we hope he is happy and healthy. You never know who is out here listening to and responding to the music - but it was dope to be a part of that, even in such a small way!



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