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The G-Eazy Connection

Most people don't know that one of our collaborators, i7iu7e (aka Jeremy), knew G-Eazy when he was just an aspiring rapper in New Orleans named Gerald. Jeremy was in town visiting his girlfriend. Her roommate's boyfriend was who we would come to know as G-Eazy. Small world. The guys bonded over music and even though they don't see each other that much, whenever their paths cross, it's a fun time. You never know who you will meet on the way up. This isn't about being nice to people because one or two of them may get famous. No, be a good person period and yeah, one or two of the people you meet on your journey to success will get famous - and you might get famous, as well. Just be genuine because this business is full of enough disingenuous jerks. We’re glad G-Eazy isn't one of them.



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